The Lev BaGalil Initiative was established in 2013 in collaboration with the Galilee Development Authority to promote tours of decision-makers who would influence the development of the Galilee.

Today, the initiative has established itself as an essential center of the Galilee which operates within an independent non-profit organization.

We find and promote strategic thinking among the leaders of the Galilee and beyond, and at the next stage, we help in promoting projects and exposing them to investors, decision-makers and public opinion influencers, by carrying out tours in the area.

The initiative takes part in various collaborations: the various ministries, the heads of local and regional authorities, companies, entrepreneurs, non-profits and other organizations for the development of the Galilee.

The initiative is active in two main areas:

1. Recruiting Israeli policy makers to become active partners in developing the Galilee. Organizing quality tours for influential decision-makers is a key tool for achieving this purpose, by creating an emotional connection, a broad understanding and willingness to take an active part in developing the Galilee.

The tour combines meetings with key regional factors, in accordance with relevant government programs, taking under consideration the specific personality and areas of authority with a desire to channel to immediate activity.

2. Complementary actions are the partnership in driving initiatives and specific processes with strategic value. Lev BaGalil takes party in the forums responsible for the strategic development plans of the Galilee while promoting and delivering targeted projects. 

Lev BaGalil’s work plan was formulated according to the analysis of government decisions and previous strategic plans, and according to the understanding of the needs of the different authorities in the area. (The Galilee Development Authority, heads of municipalities, county executives, industrialists, entrepreneurs and activists).

The members of Lev BaGalil 2050:

Yaron Frenkel, Prof. Chaim Bendaviv, Talia Goren, Attorney Naftali Friedlander, Meir Dotsch, Moti Baluka, Avi Asaban, Ofir Shik.

Chairman: Ofir Shik

Office manager: Adva Shamir